"Ready To Receive Soul Guidance, Deep Healing, Divine Prosperity & Magical Manifestations that are Synchronistic, Effortless & Soul Aligned?"

End the doubt - finally be confident & trust the guidance you receive.
Create divine prosperity by aligning with & helping others align with their divine purpose
Heal blocks & patterns for yourself & others that have been nearly impossible to transform until now.
Create a waiting list practice by delivering our exclusive Akashic Money Transformation™ program to your clients.
Get into "Divine Flow" (this is the key to make manifesting easy, synchronistic & magical)
Know the exact next steps to take in your business and "download" soul-aligned offers that sell at any time. 

During Soul Calibration™ You Will..

Discover, develop & enhance your natural intuitive gift (knowing this will accelerate your intuitive development
Turn your intuition into a superpower by using the 3 short daily practices you'll discover in module 1 
Learn the Soul Gift Retrieval method for eliminating past life blocks to accessing spiritual gifts (this is powerful tool which you can offer as a stand alone session for $149 or more)
Instantly raise your vibration (and easily maintain it). 
Clear vows, contracts and agreements that keep yourself and your clients stuck repeating the same lessons over and over again. 
Learn our exclusive Akashic Coaching™ method that will not only empower your clients to help themselves, but will take your transformation skills to the next level (this is a must if you've never coached and only done "readings")
Meet your Akashic Healing Guides and learn how to easily facilitate powerful energy healings in the Akashic Records (everyone can do this!)
Have more free time and earn more income by learning how to access the Akashic Records of groups.
Always know the next step to take in your life & business (no more second guessing yourself!)
Plus much, much more.

Module 1: Introduction To The Akashic Records

The key difference between using your intuition vs the Akashic Records
Common blocks to accessing your intuition & the Akashic Records & how to release them.
2 clearings to release blocks & activate your spiritual powers
The Daily 3 practices that will turn your intuition into a superpower.
A guided journey into your Akashic Records where you'll meet your guides and receive a special spiritual gift.

Module 2: Accessing Your Client's Akashic Records

How to access your client's Akashic Records and what you need from them in order to do so.
Akashic Records session checklist so you always know what to do and feel confident. 
Tips on working with new clients and how to build rapport
An example session so you can see and experience what a session is like
A case study of a session where I break down what I did and why during the session.

Module 3: Akashic Confidence Unleashed

The #1 key to eliminate doubts about using your gifts. 
How to trust the information you receive from your intuition and the Akashic Records is accurate.
An energetic clearing from the Akashic Records to begin eliminating doubts from your energy field.

Module 4: Clearing Contracts, Vows & Agreements

What contracts & vows are, why they are there & how they block people from moving forward in their life.
The exact process to clear contracts & vows from you and your client's Records.
A printable checklist for clearing contracts & vows so you feel confident when you come across them in a client's Records.
A guided journey into your own Akashic Records to discover and clear contracts & vows that you have.

Module 5: The Soul-Gift Retrieval Process

A powerful process to activate your client's soul-gifts (remove the brick wall stopping them from accessing their gifts)
A checklist for the Soul-Gift Retrieval process so you feel confident when going through it.
This process can be sold as a specific one off session and is very valuable to anyone who want's to unlock their soul-gifts.

Module 6: The Akashic Coaching™ Method

Our exclusive Akashic Coaching™ method that will have you stand out in your niche.
How to use the Akashic Records as a coaching tool instead of a crystal ball. (both have their place!)
Expand your skills beyond just giving "readings" and become a powerful facilitator of transformation for you clients.
A case study where I walk you through exactly how this process works so there is no doubt how to do it.

Module 7: Healing In The Akashic Records

Why you don't need to learn a healing modality or "be a healer" in order to create powerful healings in people
Take your healing abilities to the next level if you already do healing work (yes, there IS a next level!)
A journey to meet your Akashic Healing Team
A unique and never before seen way to practice this healing work so you feel 100% confident.

Module 8: Accessing The Records of a Group

Our exclusive way of accessing the Akashic Records of a group (earn more while working less!)
Step-by-step how to facilitate group healings
Our unique practice method that allows you to work with groups with confidence (without need a group to practice on!)

Module 9-12: Akashic Money Transformation™

A powerful 4-part training to permanently clear your client's biggest money blocks
Experience this powerful money transformation for yourself first (students start attracting more clients & money immediately!)
These modules are worth the investment alone - you can offer the Akashic Money Transformation™ program to your clients from anywhere from $497 to $997 and beyond... it all depends on what YOUR desires are.

Bonus 1: Money Chakra Secrets - Bonus For YOUR Clients ($197 Value)

This if the first of several juicy bonuses that you can offer to YOUR clients as an incentive to sign up for your program.  It includes an eBook & 9 videos that will help your clients leverage the power of Chakra alignment to attract more wealth - and be able to sustain it.

This is in perfect alignment to offer with the Akashic Money Transformation™ program you'll be learning in modules 9-12!

Bonus 2: Clear Your Money Clutter - Bonus For YOUR Clients ($97 Value)

Another amazing bonus to offer your clients who sign up for your Akashic Money Transformation™ program!

This is a simple 7 day program you can take your clients through (or have them go through on their own by giving them the PDF) that will them clear the path to attract more money into their lives.

(Bonus: going through this yourself is going to help you big time as well!)

Bonus 3: 21 Q &A Call Recordings ($497 Value)

Listen to other students get their most pressing questions answered about the course, how to work with the Akashic Records & clients, as well as business guidance.

There is power in listening to these Q&A's as most people tend to have the same questions over and over again.  Some of the most powerful breakthrough's I've personally experienced have been listening to other people getting coached.



Student Love For Casey & Soul Calibration™

Frequently Asked Questions

I've already taken an Akashic Records certification program, why should I bother with yours? I have more than a few students whom this is not only their 2nd Akashic Records certification program, but their 3rd and 4th... and everyone of them has said they not only learned something new, but there was something about my methods and the energy I bring that has not only taken their intuition to the next level, but fore some has unblocked it where other mentors could not help.  So yes, there's something in this course for you.
I'm not really confident using my intuition and constantly doubt my abilities, will this course help with that? - Yes! In fact a large portion of our students come into this course feeling blocked or they are just new to this work in general.  By the time you're finished the program not only with the doubts about your gifts be gone, but you'll feel confident using them to help others!
I don't want to get certified, can I use this material for myself? - Some of our students take the Soul Calibration™ just for this reason.  They want to use the records for themselves and to raise their own vibration... yet by the time they're finished the program they're getting paid to do readings!  So yeah, you can use it for yourself only... but I bet you'll be happy to do readings for others by the time you're finished.
I've been doing readings and healings for years now and still don't have a thriving business using my spiritual gifts, how can your program help? - First of all, the whole reason why I put together Soul Calibration™ was to help you creating income using your spiritual gifts.  I want you to have freedom AND make a difference in the world.  That's my mission.  That's also what separates Soul Calibration™ from other Akashic Records programs... we're here to help you become financially successful & have a successful business.  "No Soul Calibrator™ left behind!".  You'll get as much business and money coaching as you like until you're making a profit (which won't take long!)
What makes your program different? - Excluding the aforementioned mission to help your business succeed, we also give you a complete 4 part program to offer your clients called Akashic Money Transformation™.  You'll come away with a specific and highly in demand offer that you'll begin to sell out immediately.  Helping people transform their money situation is the most powerful offer you can have.  Why?  Because so many people are struggling with money and don't want to.  Almost everyone needs and wants to improve this area of life.  And you can charge as much or as little as you want - it's up to you.



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