Launch (or Re-Launch) Your Energetically Aligned Online Business So It’s Easy, Fun And Attracts Consistent Income On Autopilot…

...without having to hustle your face off! (Even if you're brand new to online business)

Which one of these two people are you?

Deeply desire to serve and make money using your spiritual gifts but...

You don't even know where to begin.  You're not a business-minded person and feel like it's all too much to take in.
You're overloaded with information.  YouTube, Instagram, Blogs, Podcasts, Courses... Everyone's telling you something different.  How can you get started when you don't know what the first step is!?
You're stuck with choosing a niche - you don't want to niche down and be specific (and frankly, you're not even sure if you understand what a niche IS!) 
Technology is stressing you out - there's so many apps and tools to learn... how will you ever figure it out?

Struggling to attract new clients/consistent income...

You post on social media, but you really don't know what to post to attract paying clients.  It seems like you're just wasting time.
Guest posting on blogs, joining JV giveaways and "providing value" in other people's Facebook groups are seeming like a waste of time and energy.
Tried different marketing strategies and tactics but none of them work (plus you realize that they don't fit you and are just plain hard).
Have no idea where to begin with Facebook ads.  You've tried boosting posts or maybe even ran an ad, but wasted your money.

Whichever of those two categories you fit into, you're being misled...

Not on purpose, but it's still preventing you from having a profitable AND fun online business (aka aligned).

Here’s the problem…

Cookie cutter business advice doesn’t work.

Business gurus are sharing what worked for THEM, but that doesn’t mean it’ll work for YOU.

You are unique.

You have a unique set of gifts, a unique perspective, and most important of all a unique energetic design.

Yes, you are DESIGNED to do business in a specific way.

When you're not following your Design things are hard, frustrating or simply don’t work.

However, when you follow your design your business is fun, you have the energy to work endless hours on it because it doesn’t feel like work and most of all, you easily attract the right clients and customers to you with little effort.

And that’s the way it should be!

Unfortunately, the gurus don't know what they don't know.

You've probably heard it before:


Provide massive value on social media so people can get to know, like and trust you.  In fact, you better be on ALL the social media platforms if you're gonna make a dent
Hustle your face off.  You've got to wake up at 5am, work 20 hours a day (or spend every free moment you have building your business if you have a job/major responsibility like a family to run.)
Create LOTS of offers and have multiple streams of income in order to be successful.  Or conversely, you have to focus on ONE offer and grow it to a million dollars before you can make another offer.
Constantly learn new strategies and methods of marketing your business.  Read an hour a day!
You must have a narrowly defined, very specific niche if you're going to succeed in the online business world.


News flash... if you have no proven to sell offer there's zero point in being on social media.  You're just wasting your time and anergy (and probably a lot of it).
Some people are not designed to hustle and grind, while others are.  But even for those of us who are wired this way, if we're not in alignment we still don't have the energy to hustle.
One offer vs many depends on your Design and what YOU want.  As long as you're aligned with your Design you can create wealth however you want.  I could never focus on just one thing.  But maybe that's what'll work for you!
You're already in information overload.  What you need is to focus on implementing based on what makes you unique.
Some people DO need to have a narrow niche.  However, others need a specific AUDIENCE and then specific niches for the different offers they create.  It all depends on your Design!


How do you know how YOU’RE Designed to do business (and life)?

The answer is a framework called Human Design

WARNING: If you google Human Design you’ll probably go down a rabbit hole and be overwhelmed with all the information!

There is A LOT to learn in Human Design,

But thankfully there’s only a few key elements you need to master to build a business that is profitable AND fun.

On the other hand, there ARE a lot of skills to learn and master when it comes to building an online business… it can get overwhelming when you start thinking about all the tools, tactics, etc.

Any business strategy CAN work… the key is knowing what’s right for YOU!

That's why it's important to use the Human Design framework WITH proven online business strategies and systems.

This way you'll have a business that brings in consistent income AND is fun and easy (aligned).

And to help make that process easier and quicker for you I’ve created….

The Business Design Lab

Use Human Design to launch or (re-launch) an online business that's easy, fun and attracts consistent income on autopilot

When you implement the Business Design System in your business, you can expect to:

Discover what your unique gifts and purpose are (and how you're designed to deliver them to the world).
Run your business in a way that gives you energy and is fun instead of draining you.
Feel confident in your worth and value because you're being your authentic self (no more under charging!).
Never worry where your next client/customer is coming from because you've built an automated system that brings money in daily.
Attract a ready-to-buy audience who you're uniquely designed to serve.
Create content and copy that radiates authenticity (which attracts your perfect clients).
Help your clients create real transformation in their lives (get ready for an influx of testimonials and referrals!).
Build a proven, repeatable system that you can turn on again and again to bring in consistent income and highly engaged community.
Get paid to create your offers and build your email list instead of making something that no one may ever buy.

But Business Design Lab isn't only about Human Design...

I’m an entrepreneur and marketer first and foremost (not a Human Design coach).

I’ve just found that using Human Design in business makes everything so much easier and fun.

That’s why in Business Design Lab I’ll be taking you through the inner circle (stages 0-3) of The Wheel of Business Alignment™.

Don’t let all these stages scare you off. You’re most likely in START UP or STABILIZE stage which is exactly who Business Design Lab is designed for….


Goal: Launch (or re-launch) your business so that it's fun and easy (energetically aligned).

How: Implement your Human Design in your business.

Timeframe: Ongoing. Once you start practicing Human Design it's easy to implement into your business and you'll keep using as long as you're in business.


Goal: Earn your first $1,000 / first clients and collect testimonials. In this stage the big idea is to create an offer that you know will sell.

How: Get clear on WHO you serve and HOW you uniquely help them. Create and pre-sell your offer (yep, you'll get paid to create your program/course!).

Timeframe: 1-3 Months. It depends on how much time you have to work on your business and how long your beta program is.


Goal: Create $3,000+ a month consistently.

How: Create an automated sales funnel and marketing system. This is the key to "passive income". Even if you're doing 1:1 work you'll create simple digital products that will give you at least some passive income.

Timeframe: 3-9 months. This really comes down to how much time you have to work on your business.


Goal: Reduce your work hours and work load.

How: Organize your digital life and create procedures and systems for everything you do in your business from answering customer support emails to creating blog posts. This is crucial to do before hiring a VA/team.

Timeframe: 3-6 months. This depends on how complicated your business/how many moving part there are. Sometimes it's best to hire someone to help you create these.


Goal: Create $10,000+ a month consistently

How: Streamline your systems further and hire a team.

Timeframe: 1-3 months. You're most likely very far from Stage 4 however, and stage 4 won't be covered in Business Design Lab


Goal: Be known as the go to expert in your niche.

How: Everything you've done in the previous stages will get you here, but the icing on the cake is writing a book and strategically partnering with other leaders in you niche.

Timeframe: Ongoing. We won't be covering this stage in Business Design Lab.

Business Design Lab is for two types of people:

#1: Aspiring Online Business Owner

You want to create an online business using your gifts and talents. Creating passive income sounds awesome, but have now idea where to get started. No worries, we'll get you started generating income a quickly as possible and set you up in a way that creating consistent income will be an easy next step.

#2: The Spiritual / Creative Entrepreneur

You already have some clients and bring in money online, but you're stuck when it come to bringing in consistent income. You'll create a high converting, strategic sale funnel that brings in passive income daily (and it'll be aligned with your design so it's actually fun and inspiring!)

If you're ready to take action and implement in a way that is energetically aligned for you, you're in the right place.


NOTE: Items with an * are only included in the VIP level

Core Content to take you from Soul to Systematize in your business. [See below for specific details on the content that is in the works]
Implementation Weeks. Be accountable to get stuff done!  We'll cycle through Start Up, Stabilize and Systematize once each quarter.
Business Coaching Calls.  Get unstuck!  We'll co-create offers, strategies, etc. that are aligned for you.  Submit your questions ahead of time if you can't make it live.
Daily Office Hours in our community Monday-Friday.  Get coaching and your biggest questions answered daily.
* Daily Voxer Coaching.  With Voxer you can send text and voice messages.  This is your personal access to Casey Monday-Friday to get help with your business.
* Personalized Feedback on all the things... your offers, pages, funnels, emails, sales pages, marketing plans, social media, copy, etc. so you can feel confident knowing your offers and content will connect and convert.  You can submit whatever you'd like feedback on and I'll make a video giving my suggestions on how you can make improvements.
Business Roadmap Report so you know exactly what your next steps are.  After you join you'll fill out a form telling me all about your business = you'll then receive a written report on what your best next steps are.
Quarterly Goal Setting and Planning Co-Working Sessions to help you get 12 months of progress done in 12 weeks.  Get feedback on what will really move the needle for you over a 90 day time frame.  When you focus on the right things you accelerate your progress exponentially.
* Weekly Planning Co-Working Sessions to help you always stay focus and ON PLAN.  Creating a 90 day goal and plan is the easy part... the hard part is staying focused on that plan on a week-to-week basis!
Templates, Content Prompts, Swipe Files, Planners, Worksheets, etc to make creating your content (paid and free) easy and quick.  I know it's challenging to create content and images from scratch so you'll get an assortment of tools to short cut the process.
Curated Tech Resources.  Quit searching for the right tech tutorial... We'll find them for you.
Exclusive Discounts on premium programs.
Access to all recordings.
A private community to network in and find accountability partners (off of Facebook).
* Win a business coaching session.  Every quarter active members will be entered into a drawing to win a 1:1 coaching session with Casey worth $197.



Mindset Makeover - How to crush doubt, overwhelm and imposter syndrome so you can show up as your aligned, powerful self.

Design Your Time - Find time to work on your business everyday (and get results) even if you think there is no free time

Human Design For Business Simplified - Learn the only 2 things needed to align your business with your design.


The Perfect (For You) Niche Formula - Know exactly WHO you’re here to serve, HOW you serve them and that unique thing you do that makes you special and stand out online (remember, even if you don't need to hyper niche your business, you DO need to niche your offers!)

From Zero To Paid In 7 Days - KNOW if your offer idea (1:1: or digital product) will sell or not and then get paid to create/deliver it before creating any of the content


Your First Sales Funnel - Create an automated sales funnel complete with a freebie, entry offer, order bump and core offer. This is THE key to getting to $3k+ months.

Aligned Brand On A Budget - Unlock your core message and create a visual brand you're proud of. (Your social media because easy once you know the 3 pillars of your core message).

Audience Kickstart - Use the resources and network you already have to start attracting an audience and building your email list (no Facebook ads needed).

The Aligned Content Code - Create a strategic and aligned content so that you're actually excited to post on social media. (Never run out of ideas again - templates and prompts included!)

Facebook Ads 101 - Step-by-step walkthrough of how to create Facebook ads that generate profits instead of losing you money.


Your Digital Dashboard - Declutter and organize all the things (email, files, bookmarks, notes, etc.). If you're not organized you're wasting time!

Project Management 101 - Create a project management system that works for YOU. Project management is probably THE most important skill to master if you want to be efficient, effective and productive (aka aka stuff done fast). Plus, you'll need to know this to work with a VA/team.

Systematize Everything - Create procedures, checklists and systems for everything you do in your business. Not only will this save you time, but this will make hiring a VA seamless and worth it (if you don't have this place, don't even bother hiring because you'll waste so much money!)


This offer is only for a select few of you who are serious about launching (or re-launching) your spiritual business in a way that is fun and energetically aligned.

This membership is going to take a lot of work, and you’re getting a lot of hands on help from Casey with your business.

If we made this Lifetime offer available to more than 25 people it wouldn’t be sustainable.

We’re using this “seed launch” to make sure people actually WANT this membership. (You'll learn this process inside!)

I don’t want to waste money with Facebook Ads and marketing this offer if no one wants to buy it!

Also, we know that you are the audience we most want to serve, so we want your help in creating the content in the membership. This is more of a co-creation than anything. As such, some of the content may be changed over time - either added onto, or eliminated if not needed.

In exchange for Lifetime access we’d love your feedback on how to make this the most amazing membership there is for people who want to launch (or re-launch) their spiritual business.

So, you understand why you need to jump on this immediately if you’re feeling a heck yes for this offer.

Once these 25 spots are gone - they're gone forever.


I'm brand new to business, will this work for me?

Yes. As long as you go through the Core Content, implement what you learn and ask for support (in the many ways it's provided), you'll succeed.

The only thing can stop you is you!

I've been running my online business for awhile, will I still find value in this?

If you're already earning $5,000+ CONSISTENT income every month, you may not get much value out of this.

However, if you're still struggling to attract clients and income consistently or if your business just seems hard/frustrating, then YES, you will get a lot out of this.

Do I need to know Human Design for this to work for me?

No, I'll teach you the only 2 things you need to know to make using Human Design easy.

And, if you don't want to use Human Design at all, you don't have to. You can use the Core Content to create your offers, funnels and marketing plans the way you want.

But, in my experience aligning with your Human Design makes things easier and more fun... so why not give it a go?

There's a lot of options out there, how is Business Design Lab different?

This not just "another membership program". It's so much more (and less).... yes LESS.

You're already overwhelmed with with information and the last thing we want to do is overload you even more.

The Core Content is designed to get you the most powerful, quickest results possible. You'll be starting with the end in mind and working your way towards building an automated funnel that generates consistent income daily.

AND, you're only going to use the strategies that are energetically aligned with you... which will make the whole process fun and easy.

I'm a coach/psychic/tarot reader/healer/creative/etc. will this work for me?

The Core Content teaches you how to create offers (coaching programs and digital products) and sell them with automated sales funnels so you can make passive income.

Even if your main offer is 1:1 coaching you can still create small digital products so you can bring in passive income.

It doesn't matter if you're tarot reader, health coach, relationship coach, psychic, energy healer, etc... you CAN create digital products that create passive income.

You could possibly even use the strategies inside to sell physical products, but that is NOT the focus of this membership. If you ONLY sell physical products, I would not recommend this membership. But if you want ADD physical products as an UPSELL or ORDER BUMP to to your digital products and/or coaching offers, then you can do that using what's inside for sure.

What kind of support can I get if I get stuck?

This membership is ALL about supporting you in implementing the core content. You can get support through:

  • Daily office hours in the community
  • 2 Business Coaching Calls per month (4 for VIP's)
  • Voxer Support (VIP Only)
  • Weekly planning co-working sessions (VIP only)
  • Feedback on your offers (VIP only)

How much time is required weekly?

That depends on you. The more time you invest in implement ing what you learn, the quicker you'll see results. That's why we focus on support and implementation over giving you information just for the sake of it. There's a lot of things included, but you don't need to show up/do everything!

How fast will I see results?

Again, that depends on how time you can invest to implementing everyday. This is also based on which stage you're in. If you don't know what business you want to start it's going to take a bit longer than if you already have a niche and offers created.

Is everything available immediately?

This is a SEED launch (something you'll learn inside the core content of the membership).

There's still back end work to be done to get the members area up and running as well as a launch to the public (at a much higher investment than you're making!).

We want to make sure that we have enough time to do the launch properly and have enough time to create awesome high quality content that will begin rolling out in October. If we tried to do the launch AND create the content at the same time the quality of both would suffer.

But you get access to coaching via the community and awesome bonus courses to kick start your journey now.

When will the membership content be ready?

Business Design Lab is not officially launching until October, but you are getting EARLY ACCESS to coaching and bonus resources for being a founding member!

Immediate Access:

Bonus Courses (to help with intuition, money, purpose)

Private community

Daily Office Hours

Voxer Support


Business Roadmap Reports roll out.


Bonus 1:1 Coaching Calls

Business Coaching Calls

Curated Tech Resources


Core Content will begin rolling out.

Personalized Feedback

Templates, Swipe file, etc

Weekly Planning Sessions


Quarterly Planning Sessions: (We will do a yearly planning workshop in December then start quarterly planning at the end of Q2 2023)

January 2023:

Implementation Weeks

Other surprises not mentioned here! 🙂

I'm not tech savvy, will this work for me?

In the Start Up stage you'll be using a very minimalistic setup to get going, so that shouldn't be a problem.

Once you get to Stage 2: Stabilize, you will need to learn a software tool or two to get the mot out of it. If you're not willing to learn the tools (or hire someone to do it for you), then this probably won't work.

To make the tech part as easy as possible I'll be showing you how to do everything with just 2 tools. One tool will be your email autoresponder and the second tool will handle everything else (opt in forms, sales page, membership site setup, payment process, shopping carts, etc.)

How much will I need to invest in software?

In the Start Up stage you don't need to invest anything. The whole point is to get you making money so you can then invest in the right tools in Stage 2: Stabilize.

The tools I'm going to recommend are going to give you the mot bank for your buck and be able to scale with you as you grow. (And, they're also the easiest to use - I like to keep things as easy and streamlined as possible.).

The email autoresponder starts at $9/month and the funnel builder is $199/year (and includes all the things - landing pages, sale pages, payment processing, shopping carts, membership sites, etc.).

Can I wait and join later?

Of course, but right now you can get LIFETIME ACCESS for a low investment (we even have payment plans).

After the first 25 Founding Member spots are filled the investment will be $25/month and $49/month for the VIP level (and after awhile the investment will go up even more because we want to keep the number of members relatively small so we can better support you.

Do I need to invest in Facebook Ads for this to work?

No. You can organically build your following and email list over time and create consistent income.

However, I HIGHLY suggest investing in Facebook Ads once you've reached a consistent $1-2k a month in consistent income.

If you do not invest in paid advertising its' going to take a long time for you to reach your goals... that's just the way it is.

I have invested tens of thousands of dollars in Facebook Ads over the past few years and will show you how to use Facebook ads without loosing money.

What if I have another question?

Email and we'll get back to you ASAP!


You’re in information overload. The last thing you need is more information - another course, another workshop, another YouTube video.

What you need is a personalized strategy and plan (that’s fun and energetically aligned) to take you from zero (or inconsistent income) to having a well oiled business machine that generates thousands of dollars for you on autopilot every month.

If you really want to have larger impact on the world and help more people, living your Design and putting your sales and marketing on autopilot is the key.

People will be attracted to you because you’re showing up as your authentic self, and then you’ll take them through the process of being a stranger to being a customer for life all on autopilot.

That’s how you help more people - by harnessing and saving your energy.

Let’s get started.

- Casey





Core Human Design & Business Content
2x Business Coaching Calls/month
Quarterly Goal Setting/Planning Sessions
Coaching Office Hours (In App) Mon-Fri 
Business Roadmap Report
Templates, Swipe Files, Checklists, etc.
Implementation Weeks
Curated Tech Resources
Private Community (Off of Facebook)
Bonus Courses (Akashic Breakthrough, Money Chakra Secrets, plus more)


30 Minute 1:1 Biz Strategy Session




Core Human Design & Business Content
4x Business Coaching Calls/month
Quarterly Goal Setting/Planning Sessions
Weekly Planning Co-Working Sessions
Coaching Office Hours (In App) Mon-Fri 
Voxer Coaching Mon-Fri
Personalized Feedback On Your Offers, Content, etc.
Business Roadmap Report
Templates, Swipe Files, Checklists, etc.
Implementation Weeks
Curated Tech Resources
Private Community (Off of Facebook)
Bonus Courses (Akashic Breakthrough, Money Chakra Secrets, plus more)


60 Minute 1:1 Biz Strategy Session

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