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Sacred Money Archetypes [SPRING SALE]

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All Access Course Pass Spring Sale

Soul Calibration: 12-Week Akashic Records Certification (includes a 4 week "Akashic Money Transformation" program to take your clients through - become a money transformation specialist!)

Akashic Breakthrough: 6 week course to clear your intuition blocks and master manifesting with the Akashic Records. ($97 Value)

Soul Manifestation: 12-week certification program to help your clients manifest their desires. Become a manifestation expert! ($197 Value)

Money Manifestation Breakthrough: 4 week class and 7 money energy healing sessions to accelerate your money manifestations. ($197 Value)

The Sacred Vision: A mini-course to help you fast track your manifestations. ($49 Value)

Awaken Your True Calling: Discover your true purpose in this life with this easy to digest course. ($49 Value)

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Here's What You'll Get

6 modules of powerful Sacred Money Archetypes lessons and exercises to help you smash through your money blocks and attract more abundance.
A set of beautiful digital SMA Cards, worksheets and handouts.
Access to an amazing community off of Facebook to get your questions answered.
BONUS: Money Chakra Secrets course to help you clear energetic money blocks.
BONUS: The Sacred Vision course to help you in manifesting more money into your life.
BONUS: 6 weeks of Voxer access to Casey to get your questions answered.

Vanessa Collins, Plano TX

Verified Customer

"Sacred Money Archetypes really helped me understand why I do the the things I do with money.  It's given me a new perspective and I've been able to change old patterns that have been holding me back for years.  I used to spend all my money as soon as I got it... now I save and invest my business and it feels so amazing to watch my back balance grow!  I'm super grateful for this training and help I got from you... thanks Casey!"

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